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Valet Service

Complimentary Valet Pickup & Delivery Service

We know what a nuisance it is to drop your car off for routine maintenance or repairs - that's why we feature FREE Pick-up and Delivery from Falmouth to Camden for most maintenance services on your fine European auto.*

That means if you live in Falmouth, Freeport, Brunswick to Rockland, Rockport and Camden, we'll pick up your car from your home or office, leave you with a loaner if you need to stay mobile, and reverse the process when the work is finished…for free!

We provide the highest quality service with a 2-year Nationwide Warranty for even the newest European autos, giving you an alternative to a traditional dealership with more convenience and personalized service.

Complimentary Valet Service from Atlantic Motorcar - Just one more way we make caring for your imported auto easier.

* any service taking more than 2 1/2 hours, call for details.

How We Can Do This

The next question is almost always “How can you afford to do that, isn’t there a hidden cost?” Our answer, each and every time, is "No", the service is 100% entirely free, gratis, no charge. Now we can't do this for a lightbulb out, or filling up your washer fluid, we do limit the Valet for maintenance services, but for 98% of what your car needs, we are there…and we’re soon going to handle the other 2%, just read on.

Value - That Magic Word

We can afford to do this as our cost of service is remarkably lower than the new car dealer, in fact lower than most other service points. We've got a beautiful building, showcase workshop, exceptional and highly trained staff, the latest diagnostic equipment…but, and here’s the magic but, we own it all outright. No bank loans, no debt. The new car dealer, and even other smaller shops have to set aside a large amount each month just to meet mortgage costs, after all someone has to pay for that “Taj Garage”…that someone is you, in higher service costs.

One Call Does It All

Just Call (207) 882-9969, it’s really that simple.

  • High quality Service for even the Newest Cars
  • Factory Maintenance Services To Protect Your Warranty
  • Highly Trained Technicians Who Know and Care About Your Car
  • Full 2 Year Nationwide Warranty on All Service
  • Car Washed and Cleaned After Service
  • Personal Service With Attention To Detail
  • 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee

Now, let’s get the Atlantic Motorcar Center team to work for you. Call one of our Service Advisors today, let us know how we can help. Or stop by for a shop tour, we know that you’ll be pleasantly surprised

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